Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kiss my (etched) glass...

5 days until, what am I doing? Why attempting a new craft, of course. I always do love a challenge, and an under pressure challenge is even better.

I have a new boss. And he's a dude. A dude who is quite high up and, of course, has everything.  And he has children who get him everything else.  Let's recap:  boss, dude, high up with children and everything.  I mean, everything. What do you give? All I could come up with is something personalized. Even better, something personalized and handmade. No one could hate that, right?

I chose a stemless wine glass because I know he likes those.  He gave them out as a gift last Christmas and uses one at every event and party.  Now he shall have his very own with a nice, big X etched into the side.  Only problem....I've never etched anything.

Enter Armor Etch. $4.50 with a 50% off coupon and boom....etched glass. But I learned some things along the way that may help read on for my etched glass tutorial.

First, you need armor etch, a piece of glassware, a design, an exacto knife and contact paper (which I couldn't find). Instead, I used a sheet of duck tape....yes, it's really called DucK tape and it was in the same aisle as the stencils.

Wash your etching surface to ensure it is clean and dry.  I did not do this on glass #1 which may account for glass #1 being a total fail.  But I'm thinking other factors were involved.  Back to that in a minute.  Print your design on regular paper. Cut out and trace onto the duck tape sheet.  I'm thinking there are a ton of ways to transfer, and the transfer method I chose is probably the hardest.  One might even be able to use the Citra Solv method (I like to use the Citra Solv method for everything....I'm not sure if you noticed)!  I also think a fancy cricut machine would work and be a lot would get a really nice cut out of it without having to deal will all the other nonsense.  But I don't have one of those. Moving on....

Next, cut a square around you design and stick it to your glass. Don't forget to smooth out the bubbles.

Then with your exacto knife, cut out the shape. This was tricky....I got better the second try.  Contact paper wouldn't be as stringy and probably easier to cut.  In a bind, the duct tape worked but next time, I shall search for contact paper.

Peel off the design so a stencil/negative space is left. I also went back in and made sure any stringy bits and corners were cleaned up.

Okay, now with a paint brush, slather on your Armor Etch carefully. Meaning, don't get it on the glass except for where you want it to go....sounds totally duh, but trust me, I'm kind of a moron. This is where I had to do two....the first glass didn't have enough armor etch on it. See...



Yeah, not so good.  You can KIND OF see the X, but not really.  Slather means slather.


Try to get it even. Globs will show up in the final etch almost like a watermark. Rinse after 5 to 6 minutes (the Armor Etch directions say 5 minutes...I might leave it a bit longer next time) and take off the tape.

It's a Christmas Miracle!!  It's not perfect, but I figure one more go and I'll have it down. Hooray for new skills!


  1. I love it! I've seen contact paper at Target (by the mops and brooms) and also at Home Depot (near the window coverings). I got some to put onto my scrapbook paper "wallpaper" in the kitchen.

  2. I ran into contact paper the other day at the $1 Tree, too! When I etch again, I know where to go...

  3. Wow this is a new craft I found out! Better to keep it up.-etched glass-