Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Husband Wifey Crafting: DIY Award Trophies

I love a project and I love a challenge.  So when Chad, my darling husband, told me he was putting together a Chili Cook Off at work and needed to visit the craft store to buy award ribbons, I, have we met?  We can do WAY better than ribbons.

And that is where our DIY Award journey begins:

People LOVE awards.  In fact, I think I might start just handing them out randomly....why?  Because they're fun and can make someone's day.  And they're an awesome excuse to get out your tasteless crafting ya-yas.

I know the spoons are very specific for the event Chad had.  So, I'm going to focus on the steps that can be applied to any DIY award, including paper pinwheels, base decorating and what glues are good for what.

First, let's talk creativity.  Sure, these are wooden spoons that were sawed off at different heights and mounted onto basic wooden plaques (spoons are from Bed, Bath and Beyond....$4.99 for a pack of eight and we could not find a better deal.  Wall plaques are from Hobby Lobby....$.99 a piece).  This basic idea would be brilliant with any of the following:

  • Measuring spoons for a bake off (they would already be sized!)
  • Game pieces for game night (Chess pieces, jenga stacks, etc)
  • Office Products for Office Games (a golden stapler? A silver mouse?  Don't forget to recycle!)
  • Any kind of race (how about a baby tennis shoe?)
  • Tea cups on a plaque for...well, I haven't figured out what for, but it would be so CUTE!
The bases we used were made to be painted and decorated.  Since the wood was already perfectly colored to match the spoons, I didn't go crazy.  First Chad drilled appropriately sized holes.  Then, some themed scrapbook paper was cut and edged out with a pretty punch then Modge Podged on (I heart some Modge Podge).  The spoon was pushed through the paper making the edges around the hole perfect.

For the wording, I would suggest the following format:

Name of Your Event

I used to work at Things Remembered, so I've gotten a lot of practice at laying out award plaques.  Keep it simple.  I also went simple to get the "plaque" onto the base.  You of course can get a simple plate engraved at Things Remembered, or you can print it out on your computer and punch it out with an awesome punch, like this one from my DIY Business Card project.

Easy Peasy lemon squeezey.  And the nail polish color is Warm & Fozzie by OPI and part of their extremely awesome Muppet line.  It's the BEST.  

Okay, so we've done the base, brainstormed for different events, helped with the wording and talked about my ridiculous love of Modge Podge.  Up next, the place pinwheels.  

Colors on awards were decided by mystical witches from another planet over five centuries ago.  Really, I don't know why they are the way they are...but they are.  I would suggest Wikipedia for the actual reason.  In the meantime:
  • First - Blue
  • Second - Red
  • Third - Yellow
  • Fourth - White
You could of course do these with ribbon, but it was more expensive so I went with paper.  And I learned the COOLEST trick.  Maybe not the coolest...but definitely up there.

Cut two strips of 1" long paper.  I used 12"x12" cardstock.  So I had two strips of 1"x12" paper.  If you want a thicker pinwheel, cut the piece thicker.  I will warn you...I tried 2" strips and the final step was impossible.  So I wouldn't go past 1.5".  I then used a bone folder to mark each piece every .5", like so:

Now that it's scored, fold the strips back and forth like a fan:

Next, glue the ends together.  I used Aileen's tacky glue because it bonds quickly, is flexible and dries relatively fast.  Once both ends are glued, you'll have a crinkly circle, like so:

Next, you need a circle in the same color for the backing.  This backing is what will hold the pinwheel in place.  I used a 2" punch...if you use 1" strips, 2" will be about the diameter of the finished pinwheel.

Now, it's tricky time.  Using more of the Aileen's Tacky Glue, put a bunch on your backing circle and have it ready.  The fanned circle will now be gathered and turned into the center onto itself.  It's the same motion you would use to crack something in half with both hands....thumbs on top, fingers wrapping around the fan circle.  Like magic, it will turn into that adorable little pinwheel which will need to be put onto the gluey circle back immediately.

Put it under something that has a little weight to it and leave it there until the tacky glue does its magic.  I think it took about 15 minutes.

Now is the fun part.  You'll have a hole in the middle of your pinwheel that will need something cute.  Chad decided a work logo would be best, so he printed it out on cardstock and I cut it perfectly.  A little more Aileen's on top and voila....adorable place pinwheels.

So you have a fantastic base, a concept for the do you join the two together?  Gorilla Glue.  It's amazing and will hold anything...just be careful.  It will expand 3 to 4 times as it dries, which means you will end up with a foamy mess if you're not careful.  Just a little dab is more than enough.  I put one small drop in the drilled hole and that did the trick.  As it was drying, I used a dry cloth to wipe the excess glue as it bubbled up from the hole.

TaaaDaaa!  I'm rather pleased with our outcome.  So be creative and use the right glue!

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