Thursday, March 1, 2012

Booze Fueled Crafting - Tiny Champagne Chairs

Something I found on Pinterest recently stayed with me.  Because around 4pm, after several hours of drinking mimosas (and eventually Coors Light) on a gorgeous back porch in Alabama in delightful 70 degree weather, I felt the need to create.  My wonderful hostess produced a pair of pliers and I was set.

The Flora-Bama coozie is very important to this project, but if you don't have one, substitute as best you can.  Basically, without going through our dear Martha's very well layed out tutorial, the base of your tiny champagne chair is the top of the wire ring and the four braids coming down either side that hold the cork on.  The top/arch of your chair is the twisty ring that you have to loosen to open the champagne.

So first, open a bottle of champagne.  Then cut the bottom big ring like it shows above.  Then, you will want to detach the bottom big ring from the future base of your tiny champagne chair.  Have some more champagne.  Then mold the piece you cut into a fun shape.  I had been drinking for a while, so I didn't try too hard.  But still, even with the lack of chair seat (the particular brand we were drinking did not have a metal cap), this thing is darn cute.  Please use buzzed creativity responsibly.

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  1. I am going to need a whole set for the dollhouse. Start drinkin'!