Saturday, May 26, 2012

Quick Art - Printed Vellum and Paper

I've been wanting to do a house tour for the blog and even have a section ready!  But my house, it's just not there.  But that tab, hovering around and promising a photo tour of my humble abode, has been great inspiration to get my life together.

A while back, when I was out shopping for my buddy Rach's wedding papers, I came across some AWESOME printed vellum at Michael's.  I bought several sheets not really knowing why, but this morning, inspiration struck!  What's great about the vellum is, it's versatile.  Meaning, if you find some in a neutral, you can back it with whatever color goes with the decor you're looking to enhance.  Fun, right??

I had been to Fredericksburg's new Home Goods, just opened a week ago and picked up this great, simple frame.  I thought it was perfect for my new print from Janet Hill Studios, but alas, I didn't get the size right.  But I LOVED the frame and didn't want to return it.  So I gathered the following:

-New Cute Frame
-1 Piece of Printed Vellum
-1 Piece of Background paper
-Paper Cutter

So if the frame is 8x10, let me help you with some quick math.  I wanted to cut down the vellum so the pattern would be's a 12x12 standard scrapbook sheet.  So that means, 1" comes off 2 opposite sides, and 2" come off the other two opposite sides.  The backing paper, just cut down to 8x10.

Into the frame and voila...wall art for the cost around $8.

The vellum makes a nice crinkly sound, so if you have a puppy thief, be vigilant!

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