Saturday, July 21, 2012

Olympic Crafting: Make Your Own Medal Favor

Without plunking down a ton of cash on a "favor", I thought having said favor also be a little fun activity would be just grand!  (And a GREAT ice breaker when you have guests from different social circles)

So, what would YOU gold medal in?

Here's what I used:
-Cork Coasters
-Hole Punch
-7/8 inch ribbon (I used purple because that's what they're using in London!)
-Gold Paint
-Permanent Markers for Decorating

I decided to paint only one side of the coaster.  The back will be special, but didn't feel like having both sides painted was a must.

Next, make a hole.  Also, if you have a grommet tool, add a grommet to increase the strength.  I really love my's become a great and useful crafting must have.

Now you're ready for ribbon!  38 inches is about the perfect length and 7/8 inches wide is about the perfect width.  Larks Head that bad boy through the hole you made.  Square knot at the neck to ensure the ribbon doesn't come untied.  I also like to "seal" the ribbon ends by burning them slightly with a lighter.  It just makes super sure there is no fraying.

For a special touch, I decided to make a donation to the US Olympic Team on behalf of my guests.  The US is one of the few countries in the world that does not fund our Olympic team through the government.  So yeah, our Olympic superstars depend on sponsors.  And our Olympic not so superstars depend on private donations.  So, if you're enjoying the Olympics and love to cheer on Team USA, think about making a's a good cause to support.

So the rest is up to your guests!  Give them Sharpies and see what they come up with.  My gold medal event is pretty obvious...

And now it's time to display....ah, perfect.

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