Saturday, July 21, 2012

Olympic Crafting: Olympic Torch tastic Party Decor

With a party and international celebration coming up, it was time to get crafting!  While I am planning to improvise my party decor by using basic plates, napkins, etc in olympic colors, some things needed to be specific!

Ever seen those great inflatable Olympic Torches?  Yeah...well you can only find them online.  And they're sold out.  AND, they're not London specific.  So I can do better.  And so can you!

Kind of awesome, right??

Here's what you need:

-Wiffle Ball Bat
-Gold Duck Tape (3/4 a roll for each torch)
-Red, Orange, Yellow Tissue Paper
-Wooden Disk
-Gold Paint
-Markers in Olympic Colors

So first, work on your flames.  I used half a sheet of each color of tissue paper.  Fold in half and then cut out your flames.  Layer up the sheets like so:

Fan fold all three layers together and then arrange around the tip of your wiffle bat like so:

Tape it down.  It doesn't matter if it's perfect, because you're just going to cover that up when you really wrap your "torch" with the duck tape.

I wanted to make sure the top of the torch looked neat and tidy.  I guess because I'm a sew-er, I have issues with raw edges.  Take a piece of tape (enough to wrap around the whole bat with some to spare) and folded down the top 1/4 of the tape to make a nice clean edge Martha would be proud of. Wrap around and over itself in a "V" formation.  Lovely!

Now wrap your little Duck tape loving heart out starting at the top and all the way down to the bottom.

Alright, so let's make it fancy pants.  Paint some little wooden disks gold and get out your Olympic colors.

Draw on your Olympic rings or whatever design you may choose.  A helpful hint for those of us who are crap at drawing, start with the middle top ring in black so you can center it.  Then add in your green and yellow rings, then the outer rings.  Voila...not perfect, but trust me, it will be an awesome accent.

Glue that baby on and BOOM.  An awesome torch, perfect for your Olympic Party decorating needs!

Awww, the hubby.  He is so very much my favorite :)

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  1. Very fun.. You've inspired me to make one for my kids party this weekend. Thanks!!