Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pinterest Challenge: Rock Star Tee-torial

Every day, I see a new tee-torial on Pinterest.  So yeah...I'm adding another one.  Some people want to fill the world with silly instructions.

Alright Pinterest...let's be real. A curvy gal like me is NOT going to make a men's shirt into a skirt unless said shirt originally belonged to the BFG.  I needed a tee that would be cute, somewhat fitted in all the right places and not require me to ditch my bra.  Because that should NEVER happen in public.

Start with a tee that might be a little bit on the large side.  This is a toss away from my sweet hubby and seeing how we had all Beatles music at our wedding, I thought it would be perfect for cute-ifying.  All you need is scissors (and love).

First, cut the neck away at the seam.  Yep, get that nasty old constraining ribbed collar outta here.  Follow along with the pics below, starting top left, across then down to the next line.

Ribbed collar out.  Then, make a 2"ish slit in the very front center.  Fold the tee in half matching up your shoulder seams so you can cut the front of the neck evenly.  BOOM.

Mkay...arms are next.  Cut your arms off on the body side of the seam.  Then it gets a BIT more tricky. You want to narrow in that arm hole a little bit more, but not so much in the front that it makes a weird gappy, boob show.  So cut in more to the back.  The pic below shows the shirt upside down...that's about the ratio of front to back.

Alright, that was super bloody easy.  So now you need to get a strip of tee about 9" x 2"...then stretch the holy be-jujuice out of it so it's nice and long.  Tees are awesome like that.

Now is the "wow" moment.  Take the newly created strip tie in the back, through the arm holes and cinch it!  You may need to further trim the back of the neck so it doesn't stick out...but that's all in the fit.  You should try it on to get it juuuuust right.

Yeah.  Awesome.  Add a tank and get to being cute.  Hubby approved.

Jewelry is courtesy of my etsy shop, Simply March.

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