Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gifting: Mason Jar Straw Glass Set

I'm about four month's late on a friend's birthday gift.  But in all honesty, it took about four months to figure out what in the world to get her.  She just got married, doesn't need any clothes, jewelry, etc.  She already has a tote I Citra Solv printed, a necklace from Simply March and just about anything else I can and usually make.  But I really wanted something special, something that I put time into, and something she would enjoy.

It was time for some creativity from another maker of things.

Enter Poppy and Pearl Co., the delightful Etsy shop specializing in these fabulous mason jar lids.  They come with straws and are wrapped up with a pretty little bow.  Seeing how my buddy LOVES to drink from mason jars, I couldn't help but think of her when I came across this charming little shop and fabulously inventive item.

Adorable, right??  The shop owner is awesome to work with, too.  Not really understanding mason jar sizes, I totally ordered the wrong thing.  But sent a message correcting it and the shop owner was professional and courteous about it.  AND she got them out quickly to me...I was being quite high maintenance.  She remained pleasant as pie.

So, six fun mason jar straw cups....what to put them in?  That's where my awesome crafty skills could come in handy.  AND I just got a new toy!  A Silhouette Cameo.  It's a fancy cutting machine that does not bind you to pre-made cartridge cutting.  Plus it's got an iTunes-esque store from which to download designs if you're being I was.  But check out the level of detail!  I am in love.  More projects to come on that soon...because seriously, I love it.

Taking a plain, boring black crate from the Lobby O' Hobby, I create a pithy little design using this awesome graphic from The Graphics Fairy (one of my favorite sites!).

Modge Podge to the rescue!  The perfect super late birthday gift for one of my very favorite people.

Aren't those the CUTEST lids?  I couldn't get rid of the business cards...they were just too sweet!  Thank you Poppy and Pearl Co.!

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