Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gifting: Monogram Door Hanger for the Newly Engaged

A sweet friend of mine recently got engaged.  My coworkers and I wanted to give her something personal and sweet as a little "Hey, you're getting married!" gift and I thought my crafty skills could come in handy.

Knowing that she will most definitely be changing her last name when they tie the knot, I thought something with the new last initial might be fun.  I'm sure there's some sort of etiquette rules about not giving monogrammed gifts before the actual marriage, but stuff that.  They're moving into a new place together and I knew she would enjoy something with that thinking behind it.

Cute, right?  Here's the "how to":

Time to repurpose an salvaged frame!  Take out all the "guts" so just the open and empty frame remains.  Here's what else you need:

-Letter, appropriate to the size of the frame.  This one is from the Lobby O' Hobby
-Ribbon.  I used a colonial blue wired ribbon as I thought it would be neutral but still cute
-Screw Eyes
-Hammer, pliers
-Wreath hook with a small hole in the curve

First, figure out how your letter of choice attaches to things.  This one had two holes in the back, so I knew we needed another method of hanging.  Enter screw eyes, available in the framing section of your crafty store.  The letter wasn't exactly I needed to place the screw and hammer that sucker in until it made a dent.  Then it started to actually turn in.

Taking the ribbon, I attached it around the screw eye and tied it securely.

Then the ribbon got looped through the hole in the bottom of the wreath hanger.

And the frame gets placed in the hanger and a lovely bow is tied.  This is probably the easiest gift I've made in a while, but honestly, it's also one of the cutest!

Congrats to Luke and Elizabeth!  A very exciting time for a very sweet couple.

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