Saturday, September 22, 2012

New to Simply March: Infinity Scarves!

Do you feel that?  That slight chill in the air?  That slight chill promising the crunch of leaves, the cheer of football fans, the farewell to sticky, hot horrible weather?  Yeah, I feel it too.  Pass me the pumpkin flavored fill in the blank (because ANYTHING pumpkin flavored is good by me!)

In celebration of this glorious time of year, I give you a new item soon to be available through Simply March.

It's an Infinity Scarf!

So what exactly does an "infinity scarf" consist of?  Well, mine are incredibly soft, incredibly fabulous slub knit jersey scarves that are stitched together at the ends, creating an 88 inch continuous loop of awesome.

And BONUS!  Mine also come with a sweet lil' flower brooch that matches perfectly.  So wear it on your scarf, wear it on your bag, clip it to a headband or pin it on your coat.  These two items together are a fabulous addition to any fall/winter/spring wardrobe.  I would wear it in summer too, keeping the sun off of my fair and contantly frecklin' skin.

So how does one wear an infinity scarf?  Let me count the ways:

Simple.  A short loop and a long loop.  Classic, versatile but trendy.

One more loop and you've got a whole new look.

Larks head loop.  Fold in half and slip on end through the hole.  A great, quick solution.

The pretzel.  After you lark knot, throw that long loop over your head again.  You'll end up with this cool pretzel twist.

Twist it!  When you roll your scarf around, you get a totally different look.

Twist Necklace!  Once you twist, you can circle the bad boy around your neck four times creating this fab addition to any neckline.

Class it up and wear it like a pashmina.  Something so chic about casually tossing something slinky and soft over your shoulder.  Pin into place.

Just need a little coverage?  Try a shawl.  Ah, charming.

Packaged and perfect.  Check out to purchase.  LOVE IT!

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  1. Beautiful Meghan! I seriously need to grab one of these for the fall! Maybe we could do a swap at some point :-) A crocheted scarf for a one of yours, teehee! Hope you're doing well.