Saturday, December 22, 2012

DIY Holiday - Felt Holly Fascinator

Time for some festive!  For our annual Christmas Eve festivities, I need a little something fancy and fabulous.  But it's during the day, so I thought I'd keep the glitter and giltz for New Years.  For this one, I focused on felt, velvet and some of the sweetest lil' pom pons you can find.

Gather the following:

Aileen's Tacky Glue
Felt in two greens
Hair Clip
Tiny Red Poms
Embroidery Floss in a lighter green than your felt
Velvet Ribbon or Ribbon of your choice

Start by cutting some shapes.  The round shape in the darker felt will be your base.  I decided the darker felt would be the main leaves and then small leaves in the lighter felt.  Cut five big in the darker color and five small in the lighter color.  I free handed the shape, but if you need a bit of a guide, there's a great one here.

Start at the bottom of your fascinator by layering two of the bigger dark leaves side by side.

Glue into place with a little bit of Aileen's.  Then layer the other three big dark leaves to fully cover the circle.

 I am not the greatest stitcher.  But using your embroidery thread, add a few little straight stitches on the holly leaves.  It just adds some interest and a bit of crafty whimsy.  You've already glued the leaves down, so your stitches can be purely decorative.

Time for the next level of cute!  Tuck in those sweet smaller leaves in the lighter color where you think they look best.  Glue away with some more Aileen's.

 So cute!  Now it's time to arrange those darling little pom pons.  I like them grouped in threes, but added some twos and sixes for a bit more interest.  I would suggest adding glue to the poms and then putting them on and not glue on the fascinator.  Aileen's dries clear so if there's too much it's not a huge deal.  But for the sake of being all neat, tidy and Martha Stewart-y, add glue to your poms not to your project.

Time to add the bow!  Tie and cut the ends at an angle.  Add with some more Aileen's.

 Time for the back!  Cut another circle....whichever color felt is fine.  Then you'll attach on the back with Aileen's.  Cut a small slit off to the side, like sooooo:

Aileen's to the rescue!  Slide the tip of the glue under the back cover and squeeeeze.  That will get some glue in there and you can follow up with your clip.  That way, even if the metal doesn't stick to the felt, you'll at least surround it with secured felt.

The only thing left is to ROCK it.

Merry Christmas!  I'll do a New Years one this week with a bit more GLITZ!  Stay tuned....


  1. I was about to repin this but clicked before I did and saw that it was you! So cute! Way to go:)

  2. Wow, I was searching for a DIY Christmas Fascinator and this one is just gorgeous! I hope mine will look just as cute as yours. :-)

    1. I'm so glad you like it! Happy Holiday Crafting to you!