Sunday, December 2, 2012

DIY Holiday: Scrabble Tile Wreath and a Virginia Christmas

I have been slacking on the blog!  So I'm delighted to share my newest fun project just in time for the holidays.

I needed to freshen up our holiday decor.  I am not a huge fan of having my house covered in Christmas crap because I don't like having to store, put up and then take down in one month.  That's a lot of work.  So, when Christmas does roll around, we don't have a lot of decorations.  It was time for something new!

But I wanted to use things I had first.  So I revamped a basic wreath with some new accessories.  $20 and two hours later, I have what I'm calling my "Christmas in Virginia" personalized wreath:

Ideally, everything would be fresh.  But I'm not Martha Stewart and I live in a town home community.  No one is going to judge.

Gather the following:
1.  A centerpiece of some sort.  I chose this awesome cardinal I found a Cracker Barrel.  And I removed the stupid bow and stupid pinecones from it.

2.  A wreath form

3.  A swag of another leaf.  I chose magnolias because I love them.  So pretty.

4.  A sparkly leaf pick.  I used one pick that had five golden leaves and then cut the leaves off so I could put them in individually.

5.  Scrabble tiles

7.  Floral Wire

6.  A glue gun

Start with your plain wreath and arrange the swag of other leaves (on mine the magnolia leaves) around part of the wreath.  I enjoy asymmetry, so mine went on the side.  You could put it on the top, on the bottom, split it in two and do either side or all the way around.  Don't be rigid...just play with it.  When you have it just right, wire it onto your plain wreath in several places.  More if it's going to be outside and exposed to the elements.

Then, I stripped down the pick and removed all the gold leaves.  I added the gold leaves by hot gluing them to the wreath around where the magnolia leaves were.  I like a touch of sparkle.

The cardinal hangs in the middle from the thread it came on.

Then, for the words, I chose "The Berneys"...but we had lots of ideas like "Happy Holidays", "Tis the Season", "Merry Merry", "Joy to the World", etc.  But for this year, I thought I'd make it all monogram and such.

The key to getting it situated is to start with the letters in the middle.  So for "the", start with the "h", and for "Berneys", start with the "n".

Glue Gun to the rescue!  I'm quite proud.

Alright, so a house isn't done with just a wreath.  So I made a matching spray for above our garage door out of the same materials.

I used the following:

1.  Old evergreen garland

2.  Rest of the Magnolia Swag

3.  BIG red bow

4.  Six gold leaf picks

5.  Two sparkly red floral sprays

6.  Floral wire.  So much floral wire

Decide how wide you want your spray.  Find the middle of your garland and cut off the ends on either side once you decide how wide you would like your spray to be.  The ends you cut off are going to get layered on top to create the base.

Do the same with your magnolia leaves and then wire it all together in the middle.  Again, if it's going to be outside, wire the holy bejesus out of it.

Add your two "wow" picks to the center.  Add in your smaller picks where there are holes to kind of fill in any shabby spots.  Wire the holy bejesus out of it again.

Add your bow and you're done.  I love the idea of this also having a letter or some other decorative accent to the front.  I made three wire loops on the back (one in the center, one on either end) so when it was hung it would be both secure and the weight would be more evenly distributed.  I also had to climb up on the ladder and wire some of the leaves again so one end wasn't hanging lower than the other.  It took a little bit of fiddling, but nothing serious.  After all, this was a one hour project...max.  LOVELY!

 I'm so excited to have a festive looking home for our Virginia Christmas!  The tree is up and here is the house all aglow.

Add a sleeping puppy and it's home sweet home for the holidays.  Yeah, I put my tree in an old wine box....don't judge!

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