Saturday, February 2, 2013

Anthropologie Gilded Lamp Knock Off with Faux Paper Mache Technique

New year, new projects.  I'm on a kick to finally get every room in my house just the way I would like it and that means new projects!

Oh I love thee.  But a $700 lamp will never be in my budget and as I've stated before, if I'm going to spend Anthro cash on a lamp, it better come with a house elf to turn it on and off.

So my latest love, the Gilded Propagation Lamp is gorgeous.  But I thought there was a chance I could replicate on my own.

I started with a simple lamp from Target.  I had a hard time finding a lamp with that cool footed look, but I do like how mine turned out.  Gather the following:

-Stick lamp of some kind
-Faux leaf and berry stems
-Crete paper
-Modge podge
-Hot glue gun
-Paint Brushes
-Acrylic Paint....I used Plaid Folk Art craft paint in Mushroom.
-Krylon 18kt Gold Leafing Paint new favorite toy!

First thing first...break down the leaf and berry stems.  Glue the stems to the lamp with your hot glue gun.  It will not be a perfect stick, but the faux paper mache technique will hold them into place.  So the hot glue isn't a permanent stick...just more a hold it in place step.

These are the first leaves....Ted approves.

All leaves on!

The Anthro lamp has a very cool paper mache finish.  So to replicate that I used modge podge and crete paper.  

I painted the leaves with modge podge and used small pieces of crete paper to stick to the 'podge.  No need to do another coat on top unless it doesn't stick down all the way.  Then use a bit of modge podge to help get the paper to stay down and "smooth".

See how it's got that great textured thing going?  Yay-ah.  Gonna look awesome!  Now wrap up the stem and the rest of your foliage.

 Once it's dry, it's time to paint!  Paint the whole thing in the mushroom.

Once the mushroom paint is dry, use the gold leafing pen to add the accents.  Just little scribbles here and there will do juuuuust fine.  It's also great to cover any white spots that may have been missed by the paint.

And that's it!  Taaah dahh!

I'm quite please although I am toying with the idea of switching out the shade for a clean white drum.  Once my entry way project is done, this will have a home on an upcycled old dresser I'm turning into a hall chest.  But that's an entirely different post waiting to happen!

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