Saturday, February 23, 2013

DIY Gilded Animal Place Card Holders

After making my latest knock of Anthro lamp, I've been looking for more uses for the FABULOUS new Krylon Gold Leafing Pen.  And since I'm on a kick to get my house in order and finally finish all those little decor projects I've been dreaming up, it was time to tackle one I've had on my brain forever.

To fancy up a table, I LOVE a good place card and am forever looking for cute holders.  But they're more on the pricey side... and I definitely wanted something quirky and fun.  I was particularly inspired by these little bunnies from Williams Sonoma.

Enter my fav, the Lobby O' Hobby.  I could spend hours in there with an iced latte, just wandering and coming up with ridiculous ideas.  And this time, I definitely did that.  In the actually hobby aisle with all the stuff you need for model trains and what not, I found a great selection of plastic animals.  And there is a sleeve of these bad boys for every occasion.  Jungle, desert, sea creatures, dogs, horses, etc.  I fell a little in love with the farm animals.  You get 12 different figures for $8.99.  But with your coupon, it's 40% off.

The next part gets a little sick.  Using my dremel and a diamond cutting wheel, I made a slice in the back of each little animal.  OUCH!  I did apologize and explain to each of them that I would be quick and that they were meant for a higher purpose.  Have a small piece of cardstock handy to test out the depth of your cut.

Wear eye protection as little pieces of plastic schumtz will go everywhere.  Also, if you notice, there's a little schmutz on the corner of each slit.  Let it cool for a few minutes as all that spinning from the dremel wheel is hot.  You can pick them off with your fingers as you can see below.

With schmutz:

Without schmutz:

Now that you've done the cutting, it's time for the fun part!  Get out your totally awesome Krylon Leafing Pen in your color of choice and just like a paint pen, cover the cute little animal.  It will need a few minutes to dry, so I found it best to do half of the animal at a time so your fingers don't take off any of the paint.

Now, in the cutting process, some of the animals did get nicked.  But don't worry as the pen is going to make these so awesome, you won't even notice.

Hen with nicked tail:

Hen with nicked tail covered in shiny, distracting gold leaf:

After I painted them, I went back and made sure I had all the spots covered.  How cute!  I can't wait to set my table.

I love it!  I can't wait to put the whole set together.  Now what else can I use that pen for?

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