Sunday, May 26, 2013

Spring Cleaning, Rearranging, and Driving my Honey Batty

Sometimes, you need a change.

I NEED a change.  I had tried to do a room a month as my New Year's resolution and finally get the house the way I've REALLY wanted it.  Organized, decluttered, charming, and pretty.

The entry way, slated for January, is as far as I've gotten.  And that's not even done.

So it was time for some serious planning.  And for serious planning, Pinterest is awesome.  I like to create boards for every room in my house and pin my little heart out with ideas, obtainable pieces I like, and projects I want to tackle.  I think I'm also going to start including a mood board on each one when I have my heart set.

I've explained how to do this before.  Just right click and save every picture from the interwebs and include pictures of the things you already have.  Download your actual or desired paint color and use it as a background.  I use both Publisher and Pages.  Both programs have the ability to crop your pics and get rid of the white background.  It's just nice to see everything in one place and is kind of like Polyvore only with your own stuff.

It's nice to just be able to SEE everything.  Gets all those thoughts and feelings and "oh my god, how many patterns can I actually put in ONE space?" (if it's my house, A LOT).  And it made me realize my entry is REALLY boring.  Going to have to work on that one.

For now, here are my dreams to reality boards...enjoy!

Living Room

Master Bath


Guest Bedroom

Guest Bathroom

Master Bedroom


I think I like the second one better.  Time shall tell!

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