Friday, August 30, 2013

Game Day Dress - Simplicity 1878 Lisette Diplomat Dress

Same pattern and guess what?  It's still awesome!

In preparation for an awesome football season, I needed an awesome game day dress.  As we are big fans of the Alabama Crimson Tide, you can imagine my glee when I discovered this bolt of the Little Elephants fabric from Michael Miller in Toss Grey.  So cute, so perfect.  I shall have a dress with tiny Big Als all over it.

Stitched it up via the awesome instructions on the Lisette Pattern I used before and voila!  Roll Tide Game Day Dress just for ME!

I paired it with my crimson Toms, chunky beads and a cardigan.  Because yeah, that's how I wear everything!  I can't wait for fall to slap on some tights and boots.  It's FOOTBALL SEASON AGAIN!  YIPPEEE!!


  1. Hi! I came across this post looking for experiences with this pattern - how would you say it sized for you? Been doing lots of recutting lately that I'd love to avoid...

    1. Hi Heather! I'm a chubby kid and tend to wear a 16/18 in regular Women's clothing. So I went with the biggest size on the pattern. I actually didn't use the full 3/4ths seam allowance and went with a 1/2 seam allowance. While I am large, I am ridiculously proportioned so I didn't have to alter anything. I will say, it is SHORT. Even with an additional inch cut on the hem, I will add more next time. I would say to cut it a good 3 inches longer than the marked hem to be safe. I hope that helps!

    2. I love love love love the dress. Very "new girl." I'm skeptical of patterns (I really lack patience). How long did it take you to complete the dress? And was it really easy because I see a zipper in the back! :) I absolutely love the look on you. I would do the same thing with the dress ... pair it with a necklace or infinity scarf and a cardigan. I'm a little jealous.

    3. Hey Jennifer, thanks for stopping by! The pattern is really pretty easy and I would say that it took around 5 hours from cutting to putting together. There is a zipper, but it was super easy. This tutorial explains (better than I could!) how to easily put in a zipper:

      Don't be jealous! Get the pattern and try it out...the only tricky bit was the sleeves (put them in when the garment is flat = no worries) and that it is SHORT. So use the longer length and hem up. I'd love to see how it works for you!