Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pinterest Challenge: Alabama Football Season Burlap Wreath

First, Roll Tide.

Now that's out of the way, I can tell you it is exactly 25 days until college football starts again.  And yes, it's marked on my calendar with a big ol' crimson X.  I love the fall and Saturdays on the couch, crafting my little heart out to the sweet background noise of cheering fans, announcers, and fight songs while I sip on a beer.

In celebration, I needed to get the Berney Abode ready for such festivities.  And what's better than a festive front door wreath?

Consulting Pinterest, I found this FABULOUS tutorial by the lovely Leah over on her Well Rounded Blog.  She aims to inspire, and inspire she did.  If you want an awesome, detailed explaination of how to make a sweet burlap wreath, check it out.  It's the method I used and I really couldn't begin to expand on her awesome directions....so just go there.

On to pictures!

 As you can see, I varied it up with some colored burlap and a big B for Berney.  Or Bama.  Or Burlap....you decide!  The bow tutorial I used is also from pinterest and I plan to follow this technique from now on.  I much prefer it to the loop style bows.

So think how cute it would be with all the other football inspired color combinations.  Festive, spirited, and classy.  That's how the Berney's roll (see what I did there?  Yeah.  RTR).

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