Tuesday, September 10, 2013

DIY Halloween Costume: Cotton Candy

I have a belief that no one should buy a Halloween Costume.  Even with the smallest of budgets and even with a serious lack of supplies, you can always come up with SOMETHING.

It has become my mission to inspire creativity around one of my favorite holidays.  I sadly have not had the opportunity to dress up for a few Halloweens now, but last year had the AWESOME honor of creating a costume for one of my favorite youngin's.

The outcome:  a perfectly girly, charming Cotton Candy costume made from a light pink tee shirt, a ton of tulle, and a little help from a budding seamstress.

Completely fabulous, right?  We made it one shouldered by taking a simple tee shirt and cutting it.  Tee Shirts make the best bases because they don't fray, so you can easily create whatever shape you want with a pair of scissors.  We cut on sleeve off, stitched it to the right fit on her shoulder and stitched it in at the sides.  I even let her drive so she would feel more included and have a little sense of pride that she was involved in the making.

She took to it beautifully!

The next step was to take rolls of cotton candy colored tulle and loop it around creating "fluff".  I pinned it down about every four inches.  While I wanted to just stitch the tulle down with the machine, I found it flattened the effect.  You can't have non fluffy cotton candy!  So instead, I hand stitched.  I also created a large poof for the shoulder for a little more volume and added pizzazz.  Voila! Happy momma = happy maker.

She looked darling and paired the little poofy dress with a white tank, white tights, pink wig, and some cotton candy body spray.  She wanted to SMELL the part.  Too adorable and SO EASY!

(I'm told the pink eyelashes were her idea.  Completely adorable.)