Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rockford Peach Costume: DIY Dirt in the Skirt

We've all seen that adorably perfect pin on Pinterest for the cutest bloody Halloween costume this side of Racine.  Sad news....the person who made this is A)  an amazing seamstress and  B)  doesn't sell them anymore.  That's right folks, we're on (a league of?) our own.

Challenge Accepted.

My little Cotton Candy buddy from last year loved the idea of being Kit (when she still played for the Peaches...she's got the hair down already).  And I'm all for encouraging strong female role models in history so we decided to take it on.  And I'm going to show you how to, as well.  I will say, this is going to take some sewing skills.  But NOTHING major.

First, my favorite inspiration:  All the Way May.  Who didn't love Madonna in her best movie role to date and before she took on that creepy faux british accent.  Can someone get her an intervention on that, please?

Your shopping list should be as follows:
  • Kwik Sew pattern K3818.  It's a girl's coat pattern and I chose it because it nails that trick front flap and the peter pan collar.  But some changes will need to be made.
ADDED 9/14/15:  A lovely reader let me know that this pattern is now out of print!  BOOOOO!  So I dug up some alternatives:

Butterick 6123 - it's a pajama top and pants and the top would be PERFECT as it already has the cute collar, buttons, and short sleeves. I think just a few darts in the back to make it less boxy (like I did above) and the addition of a skirt would make it peaches perfect.

Butterick 5946 (view C) - This is a very similar coat to the out of print Kwik Sew. This one nails the double breasted front so the Peaches patch can go in the middle (that would be sacrificed on the PJ top in the above pattern). But I think you would make the same easy changes as detailed below to make the pattern work.

Supplies other than the patterns:
  • Peach fabric according to the measurement requirements on the pattern.  I made a Medium and decided to get a little extra (3 yards total) as I made a different skirt.  The pin is VERY pink.  But every picture from the movie is more peach.  We went with the more peachy hue in a Symphony Broadcloth from Joann's.  If you wanna get fancy, the Kona Cotton is really lovely from and it comes in a good pinky peach shade.
  • Light weight fusible interfacing according to the pattern.  You only need it for the collar and the facing so you may not need as much as the pattern requires.  I hate to make double trips, so I aimed on the high side to be safe.
  • Three big white buttons.
  • A belt buckle of your choosing
  • Red webbing for the belt
  • Two snaps
  • Patches purchased from Taylor Mae Boutique on Etsy.  You're going to need to order them as soon as you know you're going to do the costume.  They are handmade by one person so get that order in early because they MAKE the costume.  So amazing the creativity of some people!
    On to the pattern alterations.  You're going to use view A:

    Differences you should wrap your brain around before starting:

    • You don't need the bottom half of the pattern...just the bodice.  You will add your own one piece skirt so it doesn't open in the front.
    • You need to shorten the sleeves at the fit line so you don't waste all that fabric.
    • You need to shorten the front facing piece to match up with the length of the front bodice piece.
    • Instead of two rows of buttons, there will only be one.

    The pattern is easy peasy lemon squeezy and comes together in no time.  Good news, because you're just making the bodice from the pattern, you only need to cut out the following 7 pieces from your fabric:
    • Front Bodice piece
    • Back Bodice piece
    • Sleeve (cut off at shorten/lengthen line)
    • Front Collar
    • Collar Lining
    • Front Facing (shortened to the length of the front bodice piece)
    • Back Facing
    From interfacing cut the following pieces:
    • Front Facing (shortened to the length of the front bodice piece)
    • Back Facing
    • Collar Lining
    From there, I followed the instructions to put the thing together.  It was really easy and then needed to be fitted a bit on my model.  Because of its coat like nature, it was a bit boxy.  I added two simple darts in the back to give it more fit.  These were added when the bodice was on my model inside out and not really measured.  It's a costume.  Just do your best.  Any other boxiness will be remedied by the belt.  Nobody can pitch a double header in tight clothes, y'all.  

    I did not do button holes on the front and instead placed two snaps in for closure.  Seemed like an easier solution for her to get in and out.  And goodness, do I hate button holes!

    Okay, so the skirt.  First, I put the bodice on the model after my darts were in and stitched the bottom shut at the front so it would stay put when I sew in the skirt.  The skirt will be about 1.5 yards long and 22" wide.  Sew right sides together on the 22" side to make a tube.  On one side of the tube, run a basting stitch and gather.  Once you evenly distribute the gathers, pin that side (right sides together!) to the bottom of the bodice.  If you've never done this before it's hard to visualize.  Here's how to line it up from the finished product (sorry no pics in the making...I'll get better at this):

    Hem the skirt, hem the sleeves and make a simple belt out of webbing:

    Add patches and BATTER UP!  Hope this helps you wrap your brain around the construction.  I have to say, it was a FUN project.

    Tuesday, October 22, 2013

    Kitchen Inspiration Board

    So I had a curtain conundrum.  Meaning, I'm being lazy and making new curtains is going to be expensive and not worth it.  After a snafu with a black frame mix up, I decided maybe black is actually a cool combo in my kitchen.  Which lead to finding awesome black curtains (on sale!) at Target.  And a new collection of gig prints of music husband and I both actually enjoy.

    So yeah, this happened:

    I can't wait to make it a reality and share pictures!  Getting there slowly, but hopefully before Christmas as I just learned that everyone is coming to my house.  What a great excuse to get busy on some holiday crafty goodness.  Stay tuned....