Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Twelve Crafts of Christmas: DIY Dry Erase Frame

The Twelve Crafts of Christmas continues!

As promised in my first craft, the DIY Glitter Woodland Ornament, today, I shall be sharing this awesome, useful, and SUPER EASY project that will be a perfect gift for teachers or coworkers.  The best part?  It cost me a total of $5.

I LOVE this project.  You need the following:

Frame of your choice...I used an 8x10 ($3)
Pretty Scrapbook Paper
Dry Erase Markers ($1)
Hot Glue Gun

First, make an awesome bow!  I really love this pin that shows you how to make a pretty one.  Hot glue that sucker on the top or corner of your frame.  Either works great.

Cut your scrapbook paper down to the appropriate size to put in the frame.  If you have terrible handwriting like me, you're in luck.  To get a great looking title (To Do, Important Notes, or someone's Monogram would be great ideas), print out a title on your computer in a pretty font.  Put that sucker under your frame's glass and trace in the appropriate location.

You're all set!  See, super super easy.  Gift with some dry erase markers and you're all kinds of awesome.

Next up...for the 3rd Craft of Christmas, I'm making ADORABLE Scrabble Tile Ornaments!

Also, did you know I'm a great pinner?  I AM ADDICTED.  And you should follow me!

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