Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Twelve Crafts of Christmas Series: DIY Glitter Woodland Critter Ornament

Ooooo, I just LOVE Christmas.  And it's that time of year again!

I really have been trying to not be buried under things that keep me from celebrating the holiday with all of YOU, so I have conspired (by the fire) to bring you my Twelve Crafts of Christmas!

And up first, how about a charming Glitter Woodland Critter Ornament!  Makes a great gift or addition to your fabulously festive home.

How fun is that little guy?

And even better news, there are a million different ideas you could use this technique for.  In fact, I've gone to town and am in love with these critters.

Gather the following:

Tiny Greenery, Trees, Wreaths, etc (usually in the dollhouse section of your craft store)
Miniature Critters (usually in the model section of your craft store)
Modge Podge
Snow Fluff, or Variety Moss, or Spanish Moss, or tinsel....use your imagination!
Cardboard Scraps
Fillable Ornament (mine are from Hobby Lobby, found in the aisle with the wooden blanks)
Transparent Tape

Alright.  It's Glitter Time.

I just LOVE these sleeves of mini fun.  I picked up two packs....one with famous buildings and one North American Critters sleeve.  I'll demonstrate the how-to with my friend the little Elk.

Start by painting this guy with Modge Podge and then it's DEATH BY GLITTER!  (It's a really fabulous way to go, I promise)

Cut a disk out of cardboard that will fit into your awesome ornament.  Coat the disk with modge podge and glitter the crap out it.  Attach your snow or moss or tinsel or ground covering of choice.  Then glue on your little happy sparkly scene to the top.

Put that bad boy in your ornament and BOOM.  Glitter Woodland fantastic!

I did a few more.  I actually used my Krylon Gold Leafing Pen on my little Christmas Otter.  I love the green of the variety moss, as well.  He's holding a simple paper star punch that was glittered using modge podge.  Also notice that the moss on him was hot glued to the top of the cardboard so he's more surrounded in his habitat.  Experiment and get nuts....that's what is so fun about this project.  So many options!

Stay tuned for my next project....a DIY Dry Erase Frame!

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