Saturday, December 14, 2013

Twelve Crafts of Christmas Series: DIY Burlap Tomato Cage Christmas Trees

The crafting continues!  For today's Twelve Crafts of Christmas, I've made these very fun and festive Burlap Tomato Cage Trees.  Best thing about these little guys?  Total cost is around $5 for each.

Super cute, right?

Gather the following:

-Tomato Cages.  Mine were 33" Galvanized and from Lowe's
-1.5 yards of burlap per tree.  Use any color!
-Floral Wire
-Wire Clippers

Cut your burlap into even strips.  I chose do to 10" wide strips.  Taking small pieces of wire, weave in and out of the top of the burlap to create a little pleated effect.  Wrap around the tomato cage about 9" from the bottom.

Continue around the tomato cage until the first strip of burlap is attached.

Do your next tier a little further up the cage in the same manner.  I did four tiers to cover the tree.

To create the top, use a smaller piece of burlap and gather around the top.  In the center of the strip, wrap wire around to collect at the top.

Add some pretty ribbon and you're set.

They're so cute when placed in a charming arrangement.

I added some lights and used them in my Festive Holiday Photo Booth, which will be tomorrow's craft.  Check back to get some good ideas of an excellent party addition.  Merry Merry, ya'll!

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