Monday, December 16, 2013

Twelve Crafts of Christmas Series: DIY Holiday Pomander Centerpiece

Twelve Crafts of Christmas continue!

How about a little centerpiece for all of your holiday celebrations?  What if that centerpiece also smelled like heaven?

I made orange pomanders once at a Christmas Workshop as a kid.  I think I didn't appreciate how incredible they are until recently.  And really, they smell amazing.  Not only that, but the bright orange of the rind coupled with those darling little star clove studs is incredibly festive.

My centerpiece above requires the following:
-pillar candle
-magnolia leaves
-one containers of cloves (about $5 of, right?  You'll need two containers if you want to really cover your orange or if you want to do more than 6)
-6 oranges (you can also use tangerines or clementines)
-ribbon (no more than .75" thick)
-jingle bells! (available at your local craft store)

The pomanders work best if you pierce the skin with a toothpick before shoving the clove down in.  It keeps the pretty shape of the clove from breaking and leaving dust all over your orange.  Some experimentation taught me that!

For a festive look, pick 3 oranges to tie ribbon around.  The ribbon I had on hand was quite thick, so I could only go around the orange on one side.  But it was so pretty, I had to use it.

I did three of the oranges with ribbon tied around and then three straight lines of cloves from bottom to top on either side of the orange.  The other three oranges in the centerpiece, I experimented.  If you need inspiration, check out this Pinterest search.

It really is such a lovely and easy craft that will leave you feeling full of holiday joy.  Go forth and pomander!

Come back tomorrow....I'll show you how to pattern and sew your own Furry Fox Scarf!

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