Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Twelve Crafts of Christmas Series: DIY Furry Fox Scarf

White Elephant/Dixie Swap/Dirty Santa MAGIC.  That's what this next project is.  I LOVE to bring something kooky and handmade to a Dixie Swap Gift Exchange and this year, I made a delightful Furry Fox Scarf.

You'll need some sewing skills for this one, but no pattern!  As these were gifts, I got enough fabric to make FOUR scarves.  One measures 12" by 72".  If you only want to make one, use a strip of 54" x 12" fabric.  It will be a little shorter, but same idea.

To make FOUR scarves, gather:

-2 yards of orange fabric.  I used a gorgeous home dec twill in a 54" width.  I would recommend a non stretch fabric with a little weight...also any design/pattern looks awesome: damask, dots, plaid, etc.  Just make it a foxy color.
-2 yards fluffy faux fur of your choice also in 54" width fabric (or close to it).  I went with a more expensive one because it was just TOO SOFT to pass up.  Remember that a scarf often covers delicate skin, so something that will not irritate is a must.
-Remnant of black cotton for the foxy feet
-Black embroidery thread
-Black buttons or beads for eyes

First, split your patterned fabric into four strips in equal widths.  You will have four 13.5" wide strips.  One at a time, fold your strip in half long ways and cut out a fox shape on the fold.  I would recommend the widest part of the fox (when folded) be 5.5" wide....when you unfold, that means thewidest part of the fox will be 11" wide.   Unfolded, he looks like this.  From left to right:  Head, Body, Tail.  Set aside your scraps as you will need them for the ears and legs.

Take your fancy fox shape and lay it on top of the wrong side of your fur.  Pin it down so it stays secure and cut your fur to the same shape.  Set aside.

Using your scrap pieces, cut a large piece of furry to cover the lower section of the tail.  I liked a slightly rounded shape on the top side.  Stitch along the curved edge.  The side and bottom will be stitched down later:

Appendage time!  First, cut the ears.  Cut two pieces of damask and two pieces of fur in this shape and set aside.

Now it's time to cut the legs.  Using your damask scraps only, you will need four strips of fabric about 8 inches long and 2 inches wide with one end slightly rounded.  Cut four strips of black remnant about 8 inches long and 2 inches wide with one end slightly rounded.  Cut four more strips of black remnant about 4 inches long and 2 inches wide with one en.  When finished, you should have three pieces of fabric for each foot that look like this:

YAY!  Everything is cut!  Now it's time for some sewing.

First, the feet because they're the most annoying.  I find that if I knock out the annoying parts first, I have more steam at the end of a project when everything starts coming together.

Take the small black strip of fabric and place on top of the damask strip so they match.  Then, flip the rounded edge of the short black strip toward the back of the damask strip so round edges are facing away from one another.  Pin to keep in place and straight stitch across.

Look weird?  It's okay.  Those black strips will now get flipped back in the right direction and you'll have a LOVELY seam where orange meets black.  With right sides together, stitch the multicolored leg piece to the black solid leg pieces leaving the tops open.  This picture shows one side of a stitched leg on the left and the other side of the stitched leg on the right.

Flip right side out and set aside.  Do the other three legs the exact same way.

Ear time!  Right sides together, stitch damask to fur leaving the straight side open.  Flip right side out and reveal the most adorable furry ears you ever did see.

The non gratifying portion of this project is over!  Cheer!  Grab a drink!  Throw a 5 second dance party!

Time to attach the ears.  Using only the damask piece of main body fabric, place your ears on the head, furry side up with the point facing the tail and the open end facing the nose.  Do a straight stitch across the bottom edge to keep in place.

Flip the ears back toward the nose and pin in place.  Stitch the ears down near the fold using a straight stitch.

Time for legs.  Pin your legs down onto the TOP of the damask like I've shown you here.  Line up the raw edges as the legs will get sewn in when you attach your furry.  You should pin them solid black side up so when you flip them out, the damask/black side is facing the top of the fox.

Right sides together, lay the damask body over the furry body and pin the bejesus out of it.

Now around the outer edge through all the layers leaving a three inch gap on one side of the main body for turning.  Turn right side out and feel very accomplished!

Now it's time for the face.  Using your beads or buttons, attach those puppies to the face.  Then using several straight stitches, make a nose.  AH!  He's so handsome!

Finally, stitch up the opening on his side by hand and then gift him to someone who is awesome.  I can't wait to make a few more!

A special thanks to my lovely model!  She wears him well!

Next up on the Twelve Crafts of Christmas....Glass Etching with the Stars!

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