Thursday, December 12, 2013

Twelve Crafts of Christmas Series: Scrabble Tile Ornaments

For the THIRD Craft of Christmas, I am going to give to thee....Cute Scrabble Tile Ornaments!

You've seen the Glitter Woodland Critter Ornament and the DIY Dry Erase Frame.  Here is another great gift idea or festive addition to your tree.  Scrabble Tile crafts pop up on Pinterest all the time.  So for sweet, simple and (ahem) inexpensive gifts for coworkers, I thought it was a perfect solution.

Ahhh!  So cute.

Gather the following:

-Scrabble Tiles (available on Etsy or Ebay in bulk for not a lot.  Just buy a lot and see what other awesome things you can make)
-Scrapbook paper
-Soldered rings or jump rings (available with jewelry making supplies)
-Vintage brass holiday charms (totally optional)

First order of business, create a list of holiday words.  I used the following:

To assemble, cut strips of scrapbook paper in a .75" width.  That was the width of my scrabble tiles.  Obviously the length of the words will vary, so you can cut each strip down to size depending on the word.

If you want to do the charms on the bottom, you will need two jump rings.  If you don't, you only the need the jumpring at the top.  Start with a dollop of hot glue and place the first jumpring half off the top of your scrapbook strip.  Working quickly, place the tile over top.

Glue the rest of the tiles to the strip.  Line up the tiles all the way down.  If you're doing the charm on the bottom, repeat the same technique as above for the bottom tile.  Use a headpin, bead, and vintage charm to accomplish the look I have.  To finish, larks head knot some ribbon around the top loop and hang on the tree.

Great gifts.  Easy peasy.  Twelve Crafts of Christmas success!

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