Friday, December 13, 2013

Twelve Crafts of Christmas Series: Holiday Light Tour Bingo Cards

The Twelve Crafts of Christmas Series continues! (Click Here to start at the beginning)  And this one is something FUN to do with your friends and family.

Ever been on a holiday light tour?  Every year on Christmas Eve or close to Christmas Eve, my family would pile in the car and drive around our town looking at the festive lights and sights.  As I am hosting Christmas this year, I thought we'd kick it up a notch.  We've rented a limo to go on an awesome holiday light tour and this one will be complete with a BINGO GAME!

I have done these in the past for the Royal Wedding and also the Olympic Opening Ceremonies in London.  It is always a huge hit.  The Christmas Light Tour Bingo Cards (see the 6 graphics below), include any kind of light and/or decoration you can think of.  Oh Joy!  Oh Rapture!  Oh Holy Night!

In the past, I have previewed one card and asked you, dear readers, to like my current FB page or whatever I'm promoting at the time.  But it's Christmas, and really, you should just be able to swipe these bad boys.  So please, download away.  If you are blogging or sharing, please give Another Crafty Day a little shout out and we'll be square.  You could also follow me on Pinterest or pin something from my blog.  It makes my heart happy when that occurs!

These are jpegs and should be perfect for printing.  I plan to use cardstock.  Enjoy and check back tomorrow for the next installment of my Twelve Crafts of Christmas....Burlap Tomato Cage Christmas Trees!

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