Sunday, December 15, 2013

Twelve Crafts of Christmas Series: Holiday Photo Booth

So we've covered awesome coworker gifts, festive and sparkly ornaments, holiday decor, and a holiday round of Light Tour Bingo.

Next up, how about a fun activity for your holiday party?  Using a small part of my house, I created my very own Holiday Photo Booth for festive photo fun!

Awesome, right?

I used a grey blanket (although a sheet would probably be better), snow ground covering, loose faux snow for tossing, my sweet burlap tomato trees, paper snowflakes, an inexpensive lighting kit, tripod, camera, and a hysterical group of friends.

We had SO MUCH FUN taking silly pictures and showcasing our terrible dixie swap gifts.  This is what it looked like before editing!

Notice all the things that will be edited OUT.  Also, I have my lighting kit set up on either side of the photo booth.

To make the trees, go here.
To make the best looking snowflakes ever, go here.
To make okay looking snowflakes faster than the best looking ones and learn a little italian, go here.
The light kit I use is here.
To edit you photos, I highly recommend Pic Monkey.  It's the bomb dot com.

The result?  These awesome images and a LOT of laughs.

Use your best director skills and encourage Muppet faces, open hands after throwing snow, and silliness in general.  I have the merriest bunch of friends known to man.

For tomorrow's Twelve Crafts of Christmas installment, I shall share my adventures making Christmas Pomanders!  The smell like heaven and look oh so festive.

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