Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DIY Photo Wall Displays using Instagram Prints

Sometimes, the bestest inspiration comes from good friends.  My buddy/blog model Christina, is awesome.  When you ask her what her hobby is, she says "Learning new things."  AMAZING, right?  How could you not want to be around that kind of energy and spirit?

Heart fest aside, she wanted to do a project.  She had seen a pin around Christmas time that used cardboard and clothes pins to make a sort of wreath that you can clip your holiday cards to.  Always improving upon the ideas of others, Christina discovered Printstagram or the Social Print Studio and ordered a pack of prints from her amazing Instagram photo feed.  She really has an eye for photography, so when she showed me her collection of prints, I was quite amazed.  It has inspired me to try harder to take interesting Instagrams and not just pictures of Sheldon (even though he is the CUTEST lil puggle on the planet).

So off we went!  Her project (on the left) was so successful and awesome, I tried my own version featuring food pictures for my kitchen (on the right).  Same method, but totally different looks!

We gathered the following:

-Prints of your Instagram Photos or any photos.  I really love how the Prinstagram ones turned out...they're printed on nice thick paper with a lovely, artsy finish.  I'm a fan.  Also, once I was inspired by Christina's project, I decided to do one for my kitchen with all food Instagrams.  Apparently all my worth pictures are of things I eat.  Nom.

-Something round.  Christina found a really cool frame at the Lobby O' Hobby that worked perfectly.  I found a metal sunflower trivet from World Market that I decided to use.  Also keep in mind that the smaller the circle, the fewer photos.  I would estimate you need about an 1/2 an inch per photo.  Mine was much smaller so I wasn't able to use all of my prints (but will happily rotate them in and out as I am inspired!).  Christina's perfectly fit 24.  Other options:  plates, chargers, picture frames, trays, cookie sheets, etc.

-Clothespins.  Ours are from World Market, 24 for $3.  They're bamboo so they have a much nicer, more polished look that traditional clothes pins.  Target has packs of 50 traditional ones for $1.50 that are also cute, but I would recommend covering them via this amazing tutorial if you go that route.

-Hot glue if you're dealing with a wooden frame.  Crafter's Pick Glue if you're using something that is non porous like ceramic or metal.

So yeah, this isn't hard.  But it is awesome.  Figure out how many pins you want to use and place them on North, South, East, and West.

Sectioning it off makes it easier to evenly distribute the clips.  Also pay special attention to where the clips are lined up in relation to the frame.  On Christina's, we lined up the little metal bit to match with the outside edge.

Once we placed them all, we hot glued those suckers.


As for arranging her photos, we found it best to orient them around the frame so the photo is always right side up.  Also, tilting them in a few different directions looked the best.

So great right?  We talked about adding something to the center like a quote done with the citra solv method, or maybe a mirror.  She decided to leave it for now and think about options later.

So, on to mine!  Same idea, same method, different base:

I lined up the clips to the design right behind the petals and glued a pin where the petals met.  As the pins would just peel off with hot glue, I had to use the Crafter's Pick which needed to be weighted while it dried/adhered.  It took about 15 minutes for each pin to really "set" into the glue.  I let it dry overnight before trying to move/attach photos to it.  I was quite pleased with this product and will certainly use it again.

All together:

And with my food photos:

It was pointed out to me that even though they are photos of food, each one holds a special memory.  I'm really pleased with my result and LOVE that it hangs in my kitchen.

I'd love to see your version if you try one!  Post a link in the comments and happy InstaCrafting!

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