Thursday, March 27, 2014

Felt Blossom Spring Wreath with Moss Letter

I am hereby ushering in spring by updating my front door wreath.  Take THAT Mother Nature....time to get your act together.

So my front door wreath has been through three season now:  football, winter, and now SPRING!

When I purchased the supplies back in August for my Alabama Football Wreath, I was a little shocked at the price.  I think with the form, roll of burlap, my letter B, and some houndstoothy ribbon, the total project cost was about $40.  But now, this bad boy has been updated for the third time and I'm starting to feel that $40 for a year's worth of wreathy goodness might be worth it.  Even more so that I notice Pottery Barn is selling wreaths anywhere from $60 to $90.  AND, for the second time, I bought NO extra supplies to create the updated look.  I used all things I had laying around, just like I did for my Winter Wreath Update.

My favorite part?  These little no sew felt blossoms:

Here's how I made them.  You need felt and straight pins with a pretty head (these are quilting pins from JoAnn's that I have a TON of).  Don't worry, you can reclaim them when you update your wreath again.  I had a GIANT container, so I'm not going to be missing the handful I used.

For one blossom, you need 4 felt circles.  I made mine about 1.25" in diameter.  I did NOT measure, nor did I use a template as they do not have to be perfect.  No flower in nature is perfect and a little wonkiness here and there makes the petals interesting and creates some size difference and texture.

Once you have your four circles, you're going to fold them in half once, then in half again and pin them down onto your foam wreath.  Do this with all four circles to create one bigger circle and then stick a pin in the middle for the center.  Fluff and TAH DAH!

Here's a little graphic to help you:

For the burlap leaves, I just cut rough leaf shapes and folded them on one end and pinned them in place all the way around.  Easy peasy.

And my letter needed a little updating.  So using just some hot glue and a bag of moss I had laying around (available in the fake floral section of your local crafty goodness store), I covered my letter with moss!  NATUUUUURRRRRRRE!

There you have full spring wreath update.  Go the foam form for $12 and a roll of burlap for $10.  You won't be sorry and it will update every season so your front door always looks happy and welcoming!

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