Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Simplicity 1887: Simple Skirt Pattern Review

Spring, you saucy minx.  I will celebrate you whether or not you want to be celebrated!  It's absolutely POURING today and the temperature is about to drop 20 degrees, but I'm ignoring that and wearing my new skirt from Simplicity pattern 1887 all kinds of bare legged.  No more tights.  No more leggings.  It is flipping April and I will have SPRING.

The pattern:  I'm a little in love with everything about it especially the sweet pocket detail.  Nothing quite as awesome as looking like a lady but toting stuff around like a marsupial.

I'm not sure I will ever make this with the bow front.  That's a lot of bulk where I don't really need any more bulk.  On someone tiny, it would be very cute.  On me, it would be all kinds of BOW.  But the shorts, I've conquered (will post on that later) and I'm about to share with you my lovely skirt (view D)!

Good Lord, I need a haircut.  But the skirt wins. Did I mention the pockets?

I was nervous about the front pleating adding too much pouf.  But that yoke works wonders.  It has two rows of elastic in the back which makes it very comfortable for those "I want to be a professional but would much rather be at home in my yoga pants" kind of days.  I'm sure I will wear it tons because I really, really, love my yoga pants.

I used a very on sale fabric from Jo Anne's in order to test out the pattern and troubleshoot the fit, otherwise known as a Wearable Muslin.  I just really hate spending time on something I will never use and I know the purpose is to get the fit right....but if I find cute fabric (this is a quilting cotton) for the same price as muslin, that's how I'm going to roll.


My biggest suggestion is for the elastic casting which runs from about where the pockets are and around the back of the skirt.  I would recommend attaching the waistband/yoke to the bottom of the skirt at a 1/2 inch seam allowance instead of the recommended 5/8.  That way, there is a little extra room when you put in your elastic.  The first pair of shorts I made I had some struggles.  The second pair of shorts and this skirt, I gave myself a bit extra and was glad.  MUCH easier when you have a bit extra height in the yoke.

Can't wait to do it again with some of my designer cottons.  Simplicity 1887, you're a good one.  I think I shall keep you.  But something must be done about that hair!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kitchen Redo....In My Mind

My annual trek to the Metrolina Antique and Collectible show was a success!  Treasure abounds down there, and if you ever find yourself in the Charlotte area on the first weekend of April, it is definitely worth a gander.  While I'm not much for collectibles, the antiques and "old stuff" is out of control.  And my, oh my, did I fall in love.

Enter my new little cabinet for the kitchen.  I needed something to hold cookbooks and my overflow of serving dishes.  Made by Rick from Lincolnton, NC (he had no website or email address to give me, only that information but I do believe several vendors at the BlackLion stores carry his pieces), I snatched up this stunning little cabinet he made with his own two hands.  He takes wood from old houses and turns it into these great little pieces.  I loved the airy feeling and the old window pane on the top to let the light in.  Notice it's two beautiful turquoise sisters on either side.  I was tempted to not split up the family and take them all!

So, when I get the thing back home (it's currently living in my parent's garage until they come visit with a truck...under the threat of being stolen by my Mother every day for her sewing room), I'm excited to make it look a little snazzier.  The white is pretty, but it needs a little finishing love.  And we all KNOW my intense love for Valspar's National Trust for Historic Preservation line.  Those colors can be found throughout my home and you really can't go wrong with any of them.  It's all about trust with paint colors, and I trust Valspar's National Trust line!

I give you Fairmont Suite Clay Red, available at Lowes.  Drrrroooooool.

It's perfect.  And now, I have a slightly different direction for my entire kitchen scheme.  Before, I had a similar arrangement but wasn't feeling too bold with my color choices.  Now, I'm going GLOBAL!

That cabinet in the picture is just something close I found online.  I can't WAIT to get the real thing home and paint it up with that gorgeous Fairmont Suite Clay Red.  Looks fabulous with my Valspar Homestead Tea Room Yellow walls.  And I'll have to get working on some pillows for my sitting area.  I love the world map one!