Sunday, May 11, 2014

DIY Queen Fabric Covered Headboard

Carrying on with a theme:  the guest bedroom.  I like to create a pinterest board for every room in my house so I can keep my ideas and list of projects straight and organized.  Otherwise the chaos muppet in me will go in a million directions that makes my rooms start to look manic.  I am also very visual, so I find it helpful to continue making room mood boards so I can see it all come together before it actually does. My guest bedroom, I dream would look like this:

The thing that will make the biggest difference?  That awesome headboard with the lovely Swavelle/Mill Creek Donetta in Gold that I've had for months waiting to be turned into something glorious.  Oh Donetta, you are a classy broad.

I've done it before for my king bed, but if you haven't read that post, my preferred method of DIY headboards revolves around artist canvases.  Why?  Because they're cheap.  Big impact on a small budget!  And secondly, they're lightweight.  So you don't have to do any of that finding studs, tearing up your wall stuff to hang them securely.  This is especially awesome if you're a renter.  Me, I can tear up my walls all I want...but those of you with a deposit might want to consider that before taking a nail gun to your drywall.  And the outcome?  Awesome!

This time, I wanted bigger.  I wanted better.  I wanted STATEMENT!  Instead of using three 18x24 artist canvases like I did for my bedroom, I used six 16x20s from the amazing Dick Blick.  Handsome husband and photo bombing puppy not included.

Using the same method, I took 14 flat metal connectors/brackets (in the hinge aisle of your local hardware store) and connected the canvases so the entire board measured 32 tall by 60 wide.

This one was still a bit wobbly due to the larger size and double stacked construction, so for extra fun, we added an additional six brackets on the front.  If your headboard starts to bow, loosen the screws.  You've got it all kinds of too tight.

Next up is spray adhesive and batting.   Spray adhesive is the very devil and will get bloody everywhere if you're not careful.  So only use just enough so the batting doesn't shift and do it in small sections so you can adjust as you go.  Then wash your hands a million times so everything doesn't stick to you like you're made out of fly paper.  I do so hate that stuff.

Flip and trim...then add your fabric, no spray adhesive necessary.  I got 2 yards of Donetta and had stitch it together in one yard wide panels.   As most home dec is only 54" wide, it's not going to be wide enough.  So if you've picked a one way pattern, you'll need to split your two yards into two 1 yard sections and stitch.  I got fancy and made it a three panel, but you can use your imagination.  I just realized how CUTE this would be if it was quilted.

Once that's done, lay it down wrong side up, put the headboard with attached batting on top and staple your little heart out.  Corners are annoying, so follow this pin which is amazing and simple and makes it look awesome.

Now, this bad gal isn't going to hang herself.  Because the artist canvases aren't that heavy, my husband who is brilliant recommends these little hooky thingies:

One on either side of the board (two total) should do it just fine.  We used picture hanging hooks on the wall.

YESSSSSS.  Lookin' good, Donetta!  Quick price check:
Six canvases = $25
20 metal brackets = $15
2 yards of Donetta = $20

That is $60 of awesome.  Not bad when you consider that most headboards (even the thrifted ones you still have to put work and supplies into) run around $150.

Now let's see it all together:


  1. LOVE it! I keep thinking about doing something similar, but never quite get around to it. I'm glad you did, wonderful motivation and very clear instructions.

    1. Oh, Sarah. You could do a quilted headboard with all those bright fun colors you always work with. I love it already!!!