Sunday, May 11, 2014

Salvaged Furniture Redo: Bamboo Bedside Tables

Let's recap:  we have guests arriving!  The guest bedrooms are in various states of mayhem and shenanigans!  Ruh roh.

Not to panic.  I've had several projects in limbo, just waiting for the time and energy to tackle them, and this weekend, I snapped into gear.  Like, whoa...snapped.

My favorite of the projects are my new (to me!) bedside bamboo tables.  I found these babies back in March for $10 a piece.  YES...$20 for both and they are SOLID WOOD with dovetail construction.  I always look for that and good drawer action before buying junk furniture. When I found them in the store and immediately ran to the counter and yelled "CLAIMED" at the woman like I was Norman Reedus and this was the zombie apocalypse.  Luckily, no one else saw the immense potential I did and I didn't have to get all kinds of crossbow on anyone.

That heinous shade of peach was NOT going to cut it.  And while I was tempted to see what was under all that mess, I was afraid trying to strip it would damage the rattan/bamboo.  So painting was the best option.

Y'all.  I talk about Valspar's National Trust for Historic Preservation paints all the time.  And you know why?  Because they're amazing.  Here is the chosen one this time:  Hotel St. Francis Spirit Blue. know you love it.

Mmmmkay.  First let's tackle those brass handles.  They were so awesome, the idea of having to replace them made me sad.  So in hopes of restoring, I picked up some Brasso and tried to clean them.  Using my finger nail (a highly specialized tool), I managed to remove the remnants of peach hell which had gotten all over the handles due to the previous owner's lack of a screwdriver.  That's the only logical reason I can come up with for someone painting a piece and not bothering to remove the handles.  Honestly, people.  Anyway, Brasso alone did not do the trick.  It cleaned them up a bit, but I wanted SHINY.  So a little Rub N' Buff in Gold Leaf was required.


After.  The bottom one is so shiny compared to the not done one!

I've gone over painting furniture before.  Basically, Centsational Girl has that down to a science.  We did not deviate.  The paint was a little bit of a panic attack however.  Before it was totally dry, it was smurf-tastic.  And actually, a few of these pictures look a little true life, they are anything but.  Trust the Valspar:

GAAAAH!  I love them.  And how about those shiny handles?

Mmhmmm.  Bamboo goodness and so pretty with my Valspar Hubble House Clayo walls.  Yeah.  Let's recap:  from peach nightmare to sweet dreams.

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