Sunday, June 15, 2014

A DIY Wreath for Every Season

I've really loved making wreaths this year.  They are just such a nice way to brighten up your front door and make it look like home.

In the fall, I made my first wreath in all its football season glory.  It started with a simple foam form wrapped with burlap.

Since that form was wrapped with burlap, it has been the perfect base for four awesome wreaths.  One for each season!  Below is the Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall line up.

The newest is the summer and I LOVE it.

My moss covered letter B was attached with hot glue and as soon as the weather got too warm, it didn't want to hold on to that wreath anymore.  Instead I went with a metal bike I had laying around painted red with my DIY Chalk Paint recipe (chalk paint is GREAT for metal).  Using strips of mustard quatrefoil fabric, I created a stripe pattern over the simple burlap base....mostly because I didn't have enough fabric for the whole wreath.  But I like the effect.  The grosgrain ribbon is a simple but sweet accent.

If you're interested in having a wreath for your front door, starting with a foam form and some burlap wrap is really the perfect start.  From there, you can create anything you (or pinterest) can imagine.