Monday, July 21, 2014

Meet Scarlett: The Pretty Little Cabinet from Lincolnton

Once upon a time, there was a little cabinet named Scarlett.  She was made by a man who lives in Lincolnton, NC.  Scarlett used to have to sit by her painted sisters at Metrolina, hoping that someone would come along and see all that potential just waiting to become something completely fabulous.

Then Scarlett met me.  And I decided right then that she should come to Fredericksburg and have a makeover and sit in my kitchen and hold all of my very favorite dishes.  And after living in my parents' garage for three months (due to my lack of a truck), she finally made it home so I could get started.

Meet Scarlett now:

Isn't she gorgeous???!!  I'm very in love.

First came the paint.  I decided not to chalk paint her and instead just stuck with regular latex in a to die for Valspar Historic Preservation color, Fairmont Suites Clay Red.

Once she was all painted up, I used Miniwax Paste Finish Wax as I have on my chairs and the table legs for my suitcase table.  Again, it worked beautifully and will protect the surface without any worry of yellowing or other discoloration over time.

Scarlett's best feature?  She was made with wood salvaged from an old house (so cool), and on top she has this gorgeous old glass pane that lets light shine down into her (so VERY cool).

The not so great part?  It was real hard to paint.  There was a white edge visible all the way around and even though we used painter's tape and Chad was really careful, some of the paint still leaked through to be seen from the top.  And Scarlett is far too pretty for that nonsense:

There wasn't really a way to fix that with paint as any attempt would result in a red mess all over the glass. Instead, I picked up some washi tape to add a little detail that doesn't look like a mess.  Likely, I will replace this with a washi tape in a more neutral (maybe metallic?) hue/pattern....but for now, it's an unexpected fun little addition that can only be seen from above.

Next fix was that "West Virginia lock" or little wooden piece with a screw in the middle that kept the doors shut.  Had to go.  The hole was patched and replaced with two inside magnetic cabinet latches that will keep the doors shut.  The addition of two sweet knobs from World Market (for $1.99 each!) completed her hardware needs.

The last bit to overhaul was the cabinet backing.  SURE, I could have just painted it like the rest of the cabinet, but what fun is that?  Turns out the board was just tacked on, so it came off easily.

We covered that crazy maroon nightmare with two coats of the clay red, but the side that shows through the front had a higher calling.  At first I was thinking wall paper, then scrapbook paper, then wrapping paper...none of which I could find with the right look.  Then I thought I would just paint it with a stencil...but wow, that sounded very time consuming and I am LAZY.  But then, a Joann's trip for a different project uncovered the BEST find:  this amazing (and pricey) metallic printed burlap:

At $14.99 a yard (I needed 50 inches), Joann's had it on "sale" for $1 off a yard.  Which meant I couldn't use my coupon (which was, of course, a much better deal).  I left it behind the first trip but couldn't get it out of my head.  It was really perfect, so I sucked up the $20 and went for it.  And I'm thrilled with the result.

The burlap is attached with spray adhesive by laying the back piece of wood down, lining up the fabric on top and spraying about 4 inches at a time, smoothing as I went.  I then trimmed the excess.  I hate spray adhesive so very much as it makes a mess, but it really was the right thing for the job this time.  By doing it a small section at a time, you ensure you get a good bond, everything stays straight and non wrinkled, and also the mess is contained.

There she is.  I'm so in love and now have extra storage for my dish problem.  I am also now one step closer to getting my kitchen just the way I've wanted it for a long time.  Remember how I was going to spend 2013 getting my house together?  Well, it is now 2014 and I'm still working on it.

But a gal like Scarlett =  worth waiting for.