Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DIY Halloween Costume: Epic Pineapple Costume

I had a PSL today and therefore, it's time to talk about Halloween costumes.  I LOVE Halloween.  I love an occasion to dress up.  And I LOVE to make costumes (see the top 10 diy costumes on my list, the cotton candy cutie, and last year's Rockford Peach).

While I have some very definite/awesome plans for this year, I thought it would be good to share last year's shenanigans....enter, my DIY Pineapple Costume!

Right??!  I had SO MUCH FUN wearing it.  The best part?  I felt cute without being dressed like a total Trampy McSkankerson.

The inspiration was via a great pin from Studio DIY in which a darling and very skinny girl is wearing a very short yellow shift dress and a cardboard pineapple frond:

She's adorable, but I knew I would NEVER find a bright yellow dress in my size and the head piece being paper and forecast predicting Halloween evening drizzles, it sounded like I'd end the night with a major hot mess/hulk in drag situation.

So what's a pineapple to do?  Step one, make a dress.  Simplicity 1609 looked easy, fast, and rather adorable:

I used a yellow bottomweight twill as I wanted some structure and shape to the a line silhouette and sure enough, it worked perfectly.  And that sweet little bow was just too perfect to pass up.  It really did come together in a jiffy and honestly took longer to cut out the very few pattern pieces than it did to actually sew it.  I would say, skip the facings and use bias tape instead.  I found that a double layer of twill at the neck was a bit much.  If I was to do it again, I would make some great double fold bias tape and use this method of finishing the neck hole and the arm holes.

Now for the frond!  This is the best accessory I've ever, ever made.  I used green felt and cut simple pinapple frond shapes....lots of them (you probably need about a yard of felt).  Frond shape =

You could probably curve out the sides a little bit more on some of them, but you get the idea.  Using a styrofoam cone as the base, I then hot glued the pieces (layering them along the way and pinching a few on the short flat side to create more of a shape).  Once completed, it all got attached to a headband.  BOOM:  Pineapple head.

Wayfairer sunnies are a MUST.

The perfect final touch? My good buddy Christina made me a Dole button, and YES, she looked up the actual product code for a pineapple.  I'm a sucker for accuracy.

My grandmother's vintage Neiman Marcus sweater that I LOVE and wear every chance I get was the perfect addition.  She was very, very thin, and I am clearly not, so I was pleased that it looked so cute with this dress.

Here we are ready to go!  Christina did a KILLER "What Does the Fox Say" back up dancer outfit.

Go forth and PINEAPPLE!

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