Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Twelve Crafts of Christmas Series: Vintage Jewelry Push Pins

My coworkers are kind of awesome.  As such, I like to give them a simple little gift every year.  Just something of nominal value that I (usually) made with my two always crafting hands.  Last year I did cute scrabble tile ornaments, so this year, it was time to do something different!

This year, I pulled out my vintage jewelry stash and turned some of the earrings and small scatter pins into push pins for our bulletin boards!  They turned out very cute, and for a touch of personalization, I incorporated one scrabble tile push pin with their first initial.

All it took were some jewelry nippers to clip off the backs of the earrings or pins.  I used Crafter's Pick to adhere a push pin (from Staples...a box of 200 was $5) to the back.  The result makes me so happy!

The final touch was to present them in a sweet way.  I printed out a little sheet of labels to simply staple on cork coasters (available at every craft store under the sun).  Easy peasy!

Merry Christmas and Happy Crafting!

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