Monday, February 9, 2015

DIY Fur Pom Winter Hat

Cold Saturday nights are for two things:  wine and crafting with friends.

My buddy Christina came back from Europe recently with some new inspiration.  There were winter hats (beanies, toboggan, etc) topped with the sweetest fur pom-poms.  The price tag was not as sweet...about $100 USD.  She thought we could make them.  She was right.

First, obtain your hat.  You can buy one.  You can make one (like I did out of a one way stretch knit I had in the crafty stash....try this pattern for newborns but make it big enough for your adult sized head...I traced a beanie I already had).  Or, you can recycle an old sweater and follow this pattern as Christina opted to do.

So you have your hat.  Now, the fur pom.  Sourcing fur was honestly the trickest bit.  Fabric stores are full of fake stuff (which is more than fine).  I found an Etsy Shop, Defrates Designs sells really nice, soft bunny pelts.  I also stumbled upon some bunny fur trim at a specialty shop.  In the name of experimentation (and buying all the fur), I purchased both to see what would work best.

Let's start with the pelt.  Using a panko bread crumb container from the hungry kitty, I traced a circle onto my pelt.  Cut out and trim the fur to match the actual circle as it will make the hand stitching bit easier.

Using some fluff, take a bit and roll it around between your palms for a bit to get a tighter ball of fluff about the size of a cotton ball.  That will serve as the center of your fur pom.

Using a needle and some hand quilting or upholstery thread, follow the following pictorial:

After those initial stitches, I continued to tuck in the the clover loops until the back of the pom was fully closed.  It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!

That's pretty much it.  Using the tails, I stitched that sucker on to the top of my hat and now I'm adorable.

Christina's turned out really cute too.  Like I said above, she used a recycled sweater for her beanie:

As for the was about 1.5" wide which would have made tiny, tiny poms.  Instead, I doubled it up using my sewing machine to then cut 2.25" circles.

These little guys are so cute and made a perfect addition to a baby headband and an adult headband!

Because who doesn't want a bunny pom on their head ALL THE TIME?

I'm going to continue and make matching gloves, for sure.  Also, I think I will attach some poms to pin backs so they are quite versatile.  The best part?  We fur pom wearers are ahead of the European to American fashion curve.  High five us!